Our three-wheel torpedo is a Russian made Ural sidecar. Rétro looks, and 1960's technology, it's yet a new bike ! Not designed for high speeds, it's well adapted to bad roads and rugged terrains such as can be found in Russia. And even though quite attention demanding, it never has any trouble to carry us everywhere with our 100 kg of luggage, equipment and spare parts. Sand, mud or snow, she's not afraid of anything… !!


Technical characteristics

Flat twin 650 cc
4 gears + reverse
Electronic ignition
Kick starter
2 wheel drive
Unleaded gas
Gas tank : 19 litres
Max. speed : 110 km/h
Consumption 8 litres/100 km (at 75 km/h)
Earl type fork
Maximum load : 225 kg
Weight : 300kg