The earth is round… And if we drive long enough, we'll be able to do the loop. But in order to make ends meet...

Our initial savings have long disappeared, and yet everyday we have to fill up the bike and our stomachs, buy plane tickets or pay for cargos. To keep some money in the (piggy) bank, we stop and work on our way, write " Sidetour le journal " for about a hundred subscribers, or offer our services as webdesigners or to make slideshows.

Get cracking !
Our main source of money : whether it's painting in Vancouver, cleaning, showeling snow or baby-sitting in Whistler, peeling cedar logs in Pemberton, building a cabin in Alaska, or picking kiwifruit in New Zealand, nothing's too hard !

Sidetour le journal
Already 5 issues. More or less designed at the last minute before we left, this journal is a real help financially, and allows many who stayed in France to follow a bit of our trip.

Web Designing
Ideal activity for us, thanks to the internet we can work on your webpage from the deepest of the Altay mountains or under the tent in the alaskan bush...

Association, club or individual, just contact us to organise a slideshow !