After our studies (Economics & languages for sylvie, computering for laurent) to answer to our need of freedom and our love of mountains and snowboard, we went to live for 4 years in a ski resort above Grenoble, Les 7 Laux, where we stayed until we left for this trip in august 2000.

Sylvie has blue eyes. And is always afraid of what she doesn't know :"Russia ? No way, I'll never ever go there, I'm not a warrior !". Of the sign of the Libra, she's always there to smoothen the angles.
Laurent's shoe size is 44. And he's a real good mecchanic : "Aaah, you mean cylinders need to be synchronised ?..." . Always throwing himself completely into what he's doing, he's a 100 % guy.

We'll both celebrate our 30th birthday during this triip.