October 2003, Grenoble, France !!

Hi and welcome to Sidetour!
...Yes, the Sidetour is over ! And we're Home !!
Last week we drove the sidecar back to Grenoble from the Marseille harbour, all through the beautiful Provence... France is also very very beautiful !! We hadn't forgotten it, but it's always different on a sidecar, when you can smell the lavender and the guarrigue, or the salty air of the ocean, when you bend in every curve of the very curvy roads... It was a great pleasure.

Anyhow, we're very happy to be back Home, and we enjoy every little pleasure, ... such as the fabulous comfort of a car, the great joy to spend time again with our family and friends, or simply to listen to music on a good Hi-Fi, or to get our bikes (..pushing bikes !!) for a little ride...

We're also gradually getting back into some kind of a normal life, starting with looking for a job, ... and can't wait to be settled again. At least for a few years..!

See you some day on the road!

Last Update the 5/4/2004