In december 2000, when we eventually found a place to stay for the winter in Brackendale, BC, near Whistler, all of our bank accounts were empty, we even had had to borrow money. So, it was all but the time to think of snowboarding... We were so dissapointed. To be there, and be able to do nothing but look, as the mountains were getting covered with snow.. Shortly after we arrived, we had 80 cm of snow in our driveway. And the locals tell us that soon we won't be able to see the signs on the highway any more, all covered in snow,as Whistler-Blackcomb is actually located in a huge range of mountains against which all the clouds coming from the Pacific pour down tons and tons of snow... Damn !

But after Christmas and New year's Eve, we haven'seen a single new snow flake. In the US and in France, it's the same. This is one of the driest winters since a long time. As we are working, scrubbing stoves and toilet bowls, this lack of snow makes the situation a bit easier to accept... February. The other resorts in Canada have so little snow that they are struggling to remain open. On our side, we are begginning to have some money in the bank again. Not much, but we won't be in Whistler for ever ! So, we have all our snowboarding stuff sent from France. And in between, Whistler's nice staff has offered us a few tickets... March will be our month !! Especially with the snow that eventually arrived ...

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